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Posted by StarLordGames - 2 weeks ago

The companion droid is useful thing. He will fix the broken equipment, break the cunning lock and... will not let the she-owner bored in the middle of the night desert :)


Posted by StarLordGames - 1 month ago


I rebuild part of the interface, in particular, now inventory/equipment does not open in a separate window, but appear right around the character, which allows you to immediately see all applied changes, and also not to clutter the project with unnecessary models :)

This, of course, is not yet the final version, the appearance will be improved for a more intuitive perception and convenience. Btw, your comments and suggestions are welcome :)


Posted by StarLordGames - October 12th, 2020

Hello there.

Many of you (yes, all, probably) have long been waiting for the release of a playable version of the game. Many have asked the question more than once - where is it finally? Yes, the answer was usually the same - soon :) But, as you understand, it is difficult to do such a serious project alone, keeping its quality at the required level. It takes a lot of time, effort and inspiration (and it also does not happen periodically). And money is also needed, let's be honest. Various collateral circumstances also often interfere with normal work. There is other work that also needs to be done. There is a family and children who require a lot of attention. However, I try to keep the pace of the project, but there is still a lot to do. And I'm tired of answering the question about the release of the game every time - soon, soon... - and nevertheless continue to postpone the release... Believe me, this is as unpleasant for me as for you.

In general, what is it all about. I reviewed all my plans for creating the game and finally made an adequate schedule of work that needs to be done to release a playable version containing all the necessary mechanics and at least 20-30 minutes of story gameplay. Something needs to be completed, something to redo, but in general - taking into account all the work and with a margin for the necessary testing and revision, as well as for possible unforeseen circumstances, I can name the exact release date.

Of course, it will not be tomorrow or in a week. But in the end, you are guaranteed to get a quality game that contains all the promised goodies. And maybe more, since having a certain amount of time I can add to the game something that was not planned earlier :)

So. In view of all of the above, I - ta-dam! - I announce the release date of the game. This will happen on December 1st, 2020.

Yes, you will have to wait a bit, but I have already spoken about the result of this. This will be a guaranteed release of a playable game, and not just another semi-finished product in which nothing can be done. Of course, your support during this time is very important to me, as it will allow me to devote more time to the project, and not to worry about "how to live next week?.." In addition, I can say that if the project is completed before the announced date and there will be no obstacles to its release - of course, I will not make you wait an extra time and will release it earlier.

Of course, I'll keep you posted and continue to showcase the development progress here and my Patreon page as before. In addition, many of you asked to do this more often, showing even crude models, arts and other developments. I think that since this is so interesting for you, it will not be difficult for me :)

Well, I guess I said everything I wanted. Patience, young padawans, it will not take long at all and you will see a post about the release of the game here :) Thanks to everyone who is interested in my project, and especially to those who support me. I hope that there will be more and more of you :) And I, in turn, will not let you down :)

And may the Force be with us. Always!


Posted by StarLordGames - September 29th, 2020



Posted by StarLordGames - September 22nd, 2020

Good news for everyone interested in supporting my project.

You can now choose to pay for Patreon on an annual basis. It’s a great way to show your support to me, and in return you’ll get a discount of 2 months free when you do. In addition to reducing transaction fees, you’ll help me create quality content faster. Lock in this discount now before it ends!

For existing patrons the following steps will help you switch over your pledge to annual.

  • Go to My Patreon Page
  • Log in, hover over your profile icon in the top right corner, and select Manage Memberships
  • From your Active Memberships page click Edit next to the pledge you want to change
  • You’ll see a familiar checkout page where you can select Annual
  • Click Update. Note: you’ll be charged upfront for the discounted price

New patrons, visit my Patreon page where you’ll see the option below the “Join” button of your chosen tier.

Thanks for your support and may the Force be with you!

Posted by StarLordGames - September 17th, 2020



Posted by StarLordGames - September 11th, 2020


Posted by StarLordGames - September 1st, 2020



Posted by StarLordGames - August 27th, 2020

Video here



Posted by StarLordGames - August 5th, 2020


More info here